Alexandrion Group will open the Alexandrion Royal Hotel from Sinaia in 2023

  • Following a complex rebranding process, New Montana Hotel from Sinaia was renamed Alexandrion Royal to reflect the new concept and to highlight its belonging to the Alexandrion Group;
  • The estimated investment in renovation and modernizing works will amount to approximately 17 million euros;
  • The hotel will include multiple facilities: 4 restaurants with Romanian, Italian, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine, bars, lounge area, SPA, Turkish bath, sauna, swimming pool, gym and beauty salon.

Alexandrion Group, the largest producer and distributor of spirits and sparkling wines in Romania and the only producer of single malt whisky in the country, announces that it will open its hotel from Sinaia in 2023. Classified in the 4-star category, the hotel will have a new, modern concept that will reflect the vision of the founding president of the Alexandrion Group, Dr. Nawaf Salameh and the group’s history, and will offer the guests a unique, memorable experience. The hotel also went through a complex rebranding process and its name was changed from New Montana to Alexandrion Royal, to reflect the new concept and  its belonging to the Alexandrion Group.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the group started an extensive renovation process, consisting of reconfiguring the accommodation spaces, furnishing the entire hotel with new, modern furniture and equipping it with the latest generation equipment, as well as expanding the conference, entertainment and personal care facilities. The estimated investment until the completion of the works will amount to approximately 17 million euros.


A new concept which harmonizes the story of the Alexandrion Group with multiculturalism

“The challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic did not scare us, because we knew how to turn them into opportunities. Before the pandemic, the hotel was fully booked 3 years in advance, we could not close it for renovation works. So, we took advantage of this downtime for the hospitality industry and changed the concept. We have done a complete renovation, now we can say that it is a new hotel and our guests will be pleasantly surprised by the design and the experience they will have at the Alexandrion Royal Hotel. We have brought multiculturalism here, we have combined elements of design, furniture and the best quality materials from several countries.

But the most important thing is that Alexandrion Royal is a hotel that represents the Alexandrion group and my vision of what it means to offer a premium, memorable experience to the guests, so that they would want to come back again and again. Those who will visit us will find out our story very easily, starting right from the reception” said Dr. Nawaf Salameh, Founding Chairman of the Alexandrion Group.

Each area of ​​the hotel has been designed and will be built in a way that will harmonize, in a simple and elegant manner, elements of the story of the group and of its founding chairman. Guests who want to know more about Dr. Nawaf Salameh will be able to read his inspirational life story and discover key moments in his career on the ground floor and mezzanine, where this information will be displayed.

The 6 floors will have names that refer to entities within the group or reference brands from the spirits and wines portfolios of the Alexandrion Group: Nawaf Salameh Family (ground floor), Alexandrion Foundation (1st floor), Saber Elyzia Antarktys (2nd floor), Alexandrion Brandy (3rd floor), Carpathian Single Malt (4th floor), Brâncoveanu (5th floor), Rhein (6th floor). The history of each brand is presented on the floor bearing its name.

The Alexandrion Royal Hotel will benefit from a reconfiguration of the accommodation facilities, in line with the upgrade in quality and comfort standards and will have 167 accommodation spaces: rooms and apartments.

“We brought furniture, carpets, parquet, tiles and many other materials and decoration elements from all over the world, from Brazil, Greece, Spain, Italy or Hungary, because we wanted to have the best quality and a modern, elegant interior design, but also warm, to make people feel at home, but at the same time to feel like they are offering themselves a few days of pampering, in a refined space” added Dr. Nawaf Salameh.


Restaurants with Romanian, Italian, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine 

In the hotel’s 4 restaurants, guests will be able to enjoy a variety of sophisticated dishes from Romanian, Italian, Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines, complimented by spirits and wines from the Alexandrion Group’s portfolio, including the first single malt whisky in Romania, Carpathian Single Malt, Brâncoveanu Vinars, Saber Elyzia liqueurs and Rhein Extra sparkling wine. The atmosphere will also be complemented by moments of live entertainment. Those who will visit the Alexandrion Royal hotel will be able to relax and enjoy beautiful moments in the company of friends and family in the bars inside and outside the hotel.

“It is important to have very good accommodation conditions in a hotel, but equally important or, I would say even more important, for an extraordinary experience, is to have varied and good quality options for relaxation and entertainment. The atmosphere we will create in our restaurants and bars will be authentic because we have brought elements from the respective countries. For example, we will have ingredients and tableware from Japan at the Benihana restaurant. The chefs have a lot of experience and are specialized in the specific cuisines of each restaurant, they know all the culinary secrets. A revelation for guests will be the Italian restaurant Del Chiaro, which will bear the name of the secretary of the Romanian Country’s ruler Constantin Brâncoveanu, in line with the hotel’s concept. There are many surprises that our guests will gradually discover, after the hotel opening,” added Dr. Nawaf Salameh.

The swimming pool and the SPA area of ​​the Alexandrion Royal hotel will also be renovated with the help of experts in the field from abroad, and the Alexandrion Group will add a Turkish bath, a sauna and a beauty salon to the facilities already provided by the hotel. The hotel also has a gym for those who want to stay in shape when traveling, but also for the locals.

The space dedicated to conferences and events will be reconfigured and will include 3 rooms named after the Carpathian Single Malt, Brâncoveanu Vinars and Rhein Extra brands. The largest of them will be able to accommodate up to 300 people and could be set up both for conferences and corporate events, as well as for private events.


Wine tasting and guided tours to the Dealu Mare winery and to the Rhein Cellars for the hotel’s guests 

“From the very beginning I wanted to offer our guests much more than an ordinary hotel and to make a connection between the hotel and the group’s business. For many years we have been organizing wine tastings and guided tours at our winery in the Dealu Mare region where we produce wines awarded at the biggest international competitions and at the Rhein & CIE 1892 Cellars in Azuga, with an extraordinary tradition, where the oldest sparkling wine in Romana is produced. Both are located in the same region where our hotel is located, so we will organize such tours for hotel guests as well”, concluded Dr. Nawaf Salameh.

The Alexandrion Royal Hotel has approximately 200 employees with broad experience in the hospitality industry, who come from several countries, such as Egypt, Greece, Indonesia and Romania. The operations of the hotel and those of the Rhein & CIE Azuga 1892 Cellars are coordinated by the general manager Tarek Victor Guirgis, while the Food & Beverages segment of the group is coordinated by Ilie Rîşnoveanu.


About The Alexandrion Group :

Alexandrion Group is the market leader in the production and distribution of spirits and wines in Romania and the only single malt producer in the country. The group has a history of over 200 years in the local spirits industry, producing some of the strongest brands in Romania, at THE ALEXANDRION SABER 1789 DISTILLERIES, recognized both nationally and internationally for their quality and refinement. The product portfolio includes traditional Romanian drinks and international products. Alexandrion 5 * and 7 *, the famous Brâncoveanu XO, VS and VSOP vinars, SABER Elyzia fruit liqueur, Zolmyr fruit distillate, Kreskova Vodka and other products which have ensured the Group the leader of the Romanian spirits and traditional drinks market. Since 2018, the Group expanded its activity, completing its portfolio with award-winning, still and sparkling wines.


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