1.1. The present document includes General Terms & Conditions for the use of the website https://alexandriongroup.com/ (hereinafter referred to as “General Terms & Conditions“) establishes the conditions in which each individual can visit or access  https://alexandriongroup.com/ (called the “Website”), or can use in any way the services offered through the site.

1.2. https://alexandriongroup.com/ is the official website of Alexandrion Grup Romania SRL, Romanian legal entity, headquartered in Bucov, Pleasa Village, Prahova County, registered at the Trade Register under nr. J29/1028/2000, unique registration code 13575086.

1.3. This Website was launched in order to offer free access to all those interested, to information regarding the brands produced by Alexandrion Group and the products distributed by the company, as well as provide information about the activity of Alexandrion Group. The website is operated and managed by Alexandrion Grup Romania SRL (hereinafter referred to as “Alexandrion”).

1.4. The access to the present Website as well as its use are allowed only to people with the minimum age of 18 years old and only in accordance with the present General Terms and Conditions, as well as with the legal terms and conditions applicable in the area.

1.5. For the campaigns and promotions promoted on the Website, those interested are kindly required to refer to the specific rules, listed unde the category “Promotional Campaigns”.


1.6  This page

1.6.1. Please carefully read the General Terms and Conditions regarding the use of this Website.

1.7.1.    Visiting and using the Website are condition by agreeing to these Genral Terms & Conditions.

1.7.2.    These General Terms and Conditions are accepted by you by simply accessing the Website, representing the agreement between you and Alexandrion regarding the use of the Website. If one of the provisions of this document is found to be null or invalid, all others remain as valid as possible.

1.7.3.    If you do not agree with the terms of use of the Website, which also involves the processing of personal data by Alexandrion, please do not use this Website.

1.7.4.    Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions is made when accessing the Website. Continuing to browse the Website represents the acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions.


1.8.    Modification of the General Terms and Conditions

1.8.1    In order to make the General Terms and Conditions more appropriate to the purpose and to have an easy interaction, Alexandrion reserves the right to modify the content, structure and the way of accessing the Website according to the changes that take place regarding the legislation applicable to alcoholic beverages. by their own internal procedures. Therefore, these General Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. The revised General Terms and Conditions will apply to govern your use of the Website from the date of publication of the revised version on this Website. Therefore, please return to this page each time you use the Website to ensure that you are familiar with the current valid version.

1.8.2.    Continuarea folosirii Website-ului prin navigarea pe acesta se considera acceptul Utilizatorului. In cazul modificarii prezentelor Termeni si Conditii Generale.



“Content” means any images, text, graphics, symbols, web graphics, scripts, audio and / or video recordings and other data produced and delivered in digital form on the Website and / or any module or component thereof.

“Newsletter” means the means of periodic information used by Alexandrion, exclusively electronically, to provide details regarding the Products and / or its activity in a certain period.

“Product Page” means the page dedicated to an Alexandrion Group’s own Product, which displays detailed information about the Product. The information is accompanied by the image of the Product and can indicate the name and type of the product, the manufacturer, distinctions and awards given to it by the specialized forums, tasting notes, packaging methods, suggestions for use, etc.

“Product” means any alcoholic beverage produced or imported by the Alexandrion Group that has a dedicated page on the Website.

“Social Media” means any form of electronic communication (such as website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) through which people create online communities through which they share information, ideas, personal messages, etc.

“User” means any natural person who, by confirming his age, accesses the Website and by continuing to browse it has given his consent to these General Terms and Conditions.


3. USE

 3.1. Users of the Website are expressly prohibited from using both the Website and the information provided through it, for the purpose of uploading, downloading, publishing or transmitting any information whose content is illegal or contrary to morals and public order ( for example: it is defamatory, offensive, threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, affects the right to privacy of other people, encourages violence or racial hatred, ethnicity or has an intimidating character).

3.2. The content of the Website, regardless of the area in which it is located on the Website and regardless of the type, may be used exclusively for personal purposes, defined according to this document as purely non-commercial purposes, without any direct or indirect intention to make a profit or gain. any kind of such use. Any use of the Content by third parties for any purpose other than personal may be made only with the written, express and prior consent of Alexandrion.

3.3. You may view, download and print / print from the Website only for your personal use and only those documents in the download area subject to the restrictions set forth below and elsewhere in the Terms and Conditions.

3.4. It is forbidden to rent or license / sublicense a material from the Website in whole or in part.

3.5. You may not use this Website in any way that causes or may cause damage to the Website or impair the availability or accessibility of the Website.

3.6. You may not use this Website to copy, store, host, transmit, send, use, publish or distribute any material consisting of (or uses links to) any type / spyware, computer virus / viruses, Trojan horse , worm, keystroke logger, rootkit or equivalent, and any other computer program that is deliberately malicious.

3.7. It is forbidden to carry out any activities of automatic or systematic data collection (including, but not limited to scraping, data mining, data extraction and data harvesting) on ​​or in connection with this Website without the prior written consent of Alexandrion.

3.8. You may not use this Website to transmit or publish unsolicited commercial communications.


4. Ways of taking over and / or redistribution


4.1. The taking over and / or distribution of the materials located in the unrestricted areas of this Website is allowed only if no modifications, deletions, additions or any other kind of alteration of the content are made, under the following conditions:

4.1.1 From the text taken or redistributed, a maximum of 5 lines of the original text may be published or posted on another website or on Social Media platforms, as it was published on the Website, the rest of the material being available by backlink to the page on the Website. where the material is published. 

4.1.2 The takeover and distribution is done with the obligation to mention:

(i)    source,

(ii)    author and,

(iii)    insert a backlink directly to the original article, all this shall be made clear, in a conspicuous place, all identifying elements as referred to in points (i) to (iii) above, being made in a font equal in size to that used to publish the text.

4.1.3. Retrieval and / or redistribution is allowed only if the information is intended to be free to the public without obtaining revenue, profit, advertising or other commercial benefits and only for websites and / or Social Media platforms.

4.1.4. It is strictly forbidden to take materials or information from the website to be printed in any form even if it is done for non-commercial purposes..

4.1.5.  Even if the taking over of the materials to be published and / or redistributed on websites or Social Media is done in compliance with the conditions expressly provided in this chapter, Alexandrion reserves the right to request the deletion of its materials from certain websites. depending on their content, reputation and decency in the online space.

4.1.6. The mere presence of the Website Content on a Social Media platform or website does not mean that Alexandrion validates and / or supports the opinions or views expressed on that website and / or Social Media account.

4.2 Alexandrion reserves the right to use all generally accepted computer tools to protect the Content of the Website by using services aimed at determining plagiarism, to identify the copied and / or downloaded content and will contact and request the deletion of the copied content without complying with these Terms and conditions. 

4.3. Requests to use the content of the Website for any purpose other than personal and non-commercial may be sent via the form on the Contact page of the Website entitled “Content Retrieval Request”, individually, for each article / text for which the takeover is desired with the mention of the purpose and reason for which the takeover is desired as well as information about the media environment in which the takeover / publication will take place. Acceptance shall be deemed to have been granted only when it has been expressly communicated in writing to the applicant by Alexandrion’s legal representatives. The simple sending of the content takeover request does not mean granting the right to take over / redistribute / publish, etc. 



5.1. Alexandrion cannot be held liable in any way to any User who uses the Website or its Content, other than within the limits of the provisions set forth in the General Terms and Conditions.

5.2. Access to the Website by the User does not give him any right to download or modify in part and / or in whole Content, to reproduce in part or in full the Content, to copy, or to exploit any Content in any other way to transfer to any third party any Content over which it has and / or has gained access, under an agreement of use, without the prior written consent of Alexandrion.

5.3. The website may contain related links (called hyperlinks or links), which allow automatic connection to various Internet sites. These related sites are the property of third parties and are managed by them. Alexandrion is not responsible for the content, quality or nature of other sites that are accessed through links in the Content, regardless of the nature of these links. For those sites, the responsibility lies entirely with their owners.

5.4. Alexandrion is exempt from any liability for the use of the sites and / or the Content transmitted to a User, by any means (electronic, telephone, etc.), through the sites, e-mail or an employee of Alexandrion, when this use of the Content may or does cause damage of any kind to the User and / or any third party involved in this transfer of Content.

5.5. Alexandrion does not offer any direct or indirect guarantees such as:

(i) The Website will be in accordance with the requirements of the User;

(ii) The Website will be uninterrupted, secure or error free of any kind.

5.6. Alexandrion does not assume any obligation and does not guarantee, implicitly or expressly, the content of any kind of the Website, or for all the content offered to the User. Alexandrion will make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information presented on the Websites and will endeavor to correct errors and omissions as soon as possible.

5.7. Alexandrion is not responsible for damages that may be created as a result of unauthorized use of the information on the Website.

5.8. Alexandrion is not responsible for any costs and / or losses of any kind incurred / resulting from the use of the information on the Website.

5.9. The photos presented on the Website do not create obligations for Alexandrion in the sense that he does not assume responsibility for any text errors or material errors.

5.10. By using the Website / Content, the User is solely responsible for all activities arising from its use. He is also liable for any material, moral, intellectual or electronic damage or any other nature caused to the Website or the content belonging to Alexandrion, in accordance with the Romanian legislation in force.

5.11. Alexandrion shall not be liable to any User for any claims other than these General Terms and Conditions, shall not be liable for any damages, material or otherwise, arising, directly or indirectly, from facts or other circumstances that have not been mentioned in this section of General Terms and Conditions.



6.1. These General Terms and Conditions are subject to Romanian law. Any disputes between Alexandrion and Users will be settled amicably or, if this is not possible, the disputes will be resolved by the competent courts.

6.2. If any of the above clauses is found to be void or invalid, regardless of the cause, this clause will not affect the validity of the other clauses.



7.1. Alexandrion newsletters are sent via e-mail.

7.2 . When the User accesses the Website he has the possibility to express his agreement regarding the reception of promotional messages. The option regarding the agreement issued by the User, can be modified at any time, using the specially designed link in any Newsletters. See the Privacy Policy for this.

7.3. Waiver of receipt of Newsletters does not imply waiver of acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions.



8.1. The content of the Website including, but not limited to logos, stylized representations, commercial symbols, still images, dynamic images, text and / or multimedia content, is the exclusive property of Alexandrion and / or its partners, being its reserved all the rights obtained in this respect directly or indirectly (through licenses for use and / or publication). These elements are protected by Romanian legislation and by the international provisions regarding the observance of copyrights, trademarks, designs, patents, etc.

8.2. Any reproduction or representation, even partial, by any means, made without the written, prior and express consent of Alexandrion and / or his partners where they hold rights, is prohibited and unlawful. Failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes a counterfeit or an act of unfair competition that engages the civil and criminal liability of its author. The user understands and accepts that in case of violation of any of the above provisions in any measure, he may be held liable by the authors / owners of the Website Content.

8.3. The implementation of hyperlinks to any page of this Website requires the written, prior and express consent of Alexandrion.

8.4. The use of any information on the Website for purposes other than advisory, especially for public, commercial or humorous purposes, may be subject to criminal prosecution both in Romania and abroad.



9.1. Alexandrion processes your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

9.2. If there are any questions or suggestions regarding Alexandrion, please contact us at the phone number +4 021.405.11.00, between 9-17, by e-mail at: office@alexandrion.ro, or by sending a written request to the correspondence address Nicolae Grigorescu 19A, Otopeni, Ilfov county, Romania.

9.3. Any comments, questions, feedback, ideas, suggestions or other communications or information about or relating to, the functionality or improvement of the Website will remain the property of Alexandrion




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