Zolmyr, 100% fruit distillate with no other ingredients. In order to create this distillate, with “strength of character”, the fruits are harvested at maturity, then they are subjected to natural fermentation and, subsequently, to distillation, under the strict supervision of the distillation master.

In Alexandrion Distilleries there are two variants of fruit distillate, equally tasty and surprising:


Zolmyr Apples – especially created for the ones who believe in the first fruit of the Eden Garden. It offers the wonderful flavor of baked apple and a subtle smell of pear.


Zolmyr Plums – created for the ones who appreciate a balanced and fine taste, with a well-defined plum aroma


ZOLMYR Apple 0,5L; alc. 40%
ZOLMYR Plum 0,5L; alc. 30%


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