Brâncoveanu Vinars

The manufacturing of the vinars is an old craft in Romania, transmitted from generation to generation. The elements which make the vinars special and unique are: the local varieties of grapes from which this wine distillate is obtained, the distillation process itself and also the maturation process in barrels brought from France and in oak barrels from the Carpathian Mountains area. The vinars can be considered the best ambassador of the wine distillates because, during the entire production process, no other ingredient is added.


Brâncoveanu Vinars was created in honor of the 25 years of peace in Țara Românească during the rule of the voivode Constantin Brâncoveanu. Observing the basic values of the Romanian people and of its rulers, Brâncoveanu Vinars honors an emblematic voivode who symbolizes the value of the Romanian history and culture. Our vinicultural plantations are located on Parallel 45, which confers them the ideal climate in order to obtain qualitative crops, similar to the ones from Cognac and Armagnac regions, with the best grapes for the production of the vinars. The craftmanship of creating a unique mix of wine distillate was included in Brâncoveanu Vinars range with the help of our Master Blander which was able to combine in it the history and culture of the Romanian people.


BRANCOVEANU VINARS XO 0,70L, 0,05L; alc. 40%
BRANCOVEANU VINARS XO  Book – 0,70L; alc. 40%
BRANCOVEANU VINARS VSOP  Gift Box – 0,70L; alc. 40%
BRANCOVEANU VINARS VS 0,70L, 0,05L; alc. 40%


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