SABER Elyzia

Created in 1789, in Bucovina, a region from the North – East of Romania, the traditional recipe SABER Elyzia remains a secret. Only fresh and qualitative fruits are manually selected in order to use the best ingredients for this elixir. SABER Elyzia Liquor is 100% natural and it is one of the few products in the entire world bottled with whole fruits used for its production. In order to create the liquors SABER Elyzia a traditional mixing process is used in order to create a balance and a refined taste, without precedent. SABER Elyzia can be proudly considered one of the oldest liquors in Romania. In time, SABER became a sign of quality which successfully combines the traditions from Bucovina with the highest and the most accurate methods for liquor production.


SABER Elyzia Blueberry 0,5L; alc. 25%
SABER Elyzia Sour Cherry 0,5L; alc. 25%
SABER Elyzia Apricot 0,5L; alc. 25%


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