Red Bowler delights your senses, invigorates the spirit and is the ideal partner that doesn’t follow any rule, breaks down boundaries and brings people together. Being a genuine Scotch Whisky, Red Bowler is fully matured in Scotland. The specific characteristics of Red Bowler (full-balanced, daring unique
character) are given by the differences in the production process: the geography, geology and climate of Scotland, the skills and know-how of the distiller and of the Master Blender.


Colour – Radiant gold with yellow highlights.
Nose – Delicate and intense. Rich and round with soft smooth pleasing tones.
Palate – These attributes are also reflected on the palate, giving it a full refined after – taste, plenty of flavours – a noble blend.
Ageing – Matured in oak casks for 3 years.


RED BOWLER 0.7L;1L; alc. 40%


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