Kreskova Vodka

Kreksova is for the ones that know how to celebrate, to enjoy a good company and new experiences. It offers a perfect experience through its taste and design. Bottled in a contemporary design with a modern approach, Kreskova Vodka has a fine and elegant flavor, resulting from the five-stage distillation process.


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KRESKOVA VODKA (NEW) 1L; 0.7L; 0.5L; 0.2L; 0.05L; alc. 40%
KRESKOVA SPIRIT DRINK 2.00L; 1.00L; 0.50L; 0.20L; alc. 33%
KRESKOVA DRY SPIRIT 2.00L; 1.00L; 0.70L; 0.50L; 0.20L; 0.10L; alc. 28%
KRESKOVA LEMON 1.00L; 0.50L; 0.20L; alc. 28%


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