The Alexander products range contains vodka and gin. The base of this collection is represented by Alexander vodka, obtained from wheat, distilled and filtered five times in the factory Alexandrion Group in Pleașa, Prahova County.

It has a pleasant taste, resulting from the sweetness of the wheat grains. Alexander vodka can be consumed simple, with ice or in cocktails.


Alexander Vodka Aromas

The flavored variants of Alexander Vodka range are produced exclusively with natural ingredients. They can be also served as shots, with ice or in cocktails.


Alexander Orange

Alexander Orange was created using natural orange juice. Its fresh taste is given by the explosion of the fresh orange aroma, with a little bitter taste from the peel of the citrus fruits.


Alexander Apple

Alexander Apple has a taste which intrigues because of its content of green apple. The fresh apple aroma, with a sweet note is very tasty.


Alexander Lemon

Alexander Lemon is a vodka with a fresh and revitalizing aroma. It was created with natural juice of lemon to confer it the high quality of the citrus fruits aroma.


ALEXANDER VODKA 2,00L; 1,00L; 0,70L;0,50L; 0,20L; 0.05L; alc. 40%
ALEXANDER LEMON 1,00L; 0,50L; 0,20L; alc. 28%
ALEXANDER APPLE 1,00L; 0,20L; alc. 28%
ALEXANDER ORANGE 1,00L; 0,20L; alc. 28%


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